Moulding Minds, Moulding Lives




It was the class of 2007. I vividly remember the picture of a tall, lean man over-powering the class of around 60, not only with his loud and clear voice but also with a teaching technique that got us wide-eyed.

It was a pleasant surprise to learn politics with the help of Bob Dylan songs played on an old tape-recorder. Such was the genius of Sudhakar Sir from Wilson College, Mumbai that we always had something interesting to learn in every lecture he conducted. That was the day I had my first brush with a class where a simple form of technology could be used in such an innovative way.

I was fortunate enough, to further meet Cynthia Ma’am from Pushpanjali college, Vasai. I realised what being a teacher truly meant, and she always motivated me to the core with her well-organised, detailed and creative teaching. She explicitly…

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