Treasure Hunt


Hunting the internet, I came across a helpful website which can really be precious for educators. ‘Teachers of India’ is an impressive initiative of ‘Azim Premji Foundation’.

How does it work?
Teachers from all over upload their teaching resources thus leading to the formation of a network  along with an interesting treasure of teaching learning tools.  You just need to register there and lo and behold! You would be  exposed to wonderful resources dealing in teacher development, classroom resources, news and events related to education and periodicals.

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The well-organised and comprehensive page makes it very engaging. For example when you click on ‘Teacher’s development’, you can choose the type of the resource you want to view  and the subject you are interested in.  The resources are also available depending on the classes.

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There is a facility for contributing a resource where you can upload your files and let the others know about your talent. And besides English, you can also view the page in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Hindi.

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Isn’t it interesting?

You can view it here.

I particularly loved the powerpoint presentation on Chipko Movement by Sriparna Tamhane.

The onset of technology has ostensibly made the globe akin to a small magical village where gems of knowledge on any field are at one’s disposal just at the click of a button. Hence, it won’t surprise me if the future looks something like this –

google 2084 (1)



2 thoughts on “Treasure Hunt

  1. It is indeed a treasure for all the teachers. The wide range of topics covered can be of great help to teachers who are looking for innovative ideas and making learning meaningful. Thank you for sharing it with us 🙂

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