Noticeboard and Blackboard management

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Unless we develop the habit of efficient utilization of the facilities we have.
The first and foremost facility that a teacher gets accustomed to is none other than the traditional chalkboard. Since times immemorial, a chalkboard has been the most faithful friend a teacher can ever have and many brilliant minds have learned and helped others learn. Thus, the observation that how important and precious this simple teaching tool is in spite of the modern technologies that decorate the educational market today, cannot be ignored. Keeping this in mind, I immediately thought of this tool as a teaching aid when I was asked to suggest a topic for another TTP.

This and the past year has been a pretty good and productive one for me with multiple pleasing experiences….experiences where I learned and taught. It was also an year where I earned the honour of conducting many ttps in my school and discovered a hidden talent in me. Coming back to the point, I was asked to conduct a TTP for Kindergarten teachers. And I thought of preparing something that dealt with what the teachers normally use and without which the classroom will be incomplete….and lo …I finally prepared a ttp on ‘Noticeboard and Blackboard Management‘. Thankfully, it was well received. I had to make a bit of changes accordingly and show it to the primary and high school teachers at different time periods.

The PPT Dull Teaching Aids Made Interesting

There are a few slides and all the videos missing..but all that’s important is included to give you a basic idea.

As I have already dealt with Noticeboard on my earlier post, won’t be talking about it.
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Concept Mapping –
Another interesting and fun way of using a chalk board is through concept mapping also known as mind mapping. It ensures a sure shot way of quick and easy learning with the usage of a lot of colourful chalks thus making the blackboard look attractive. It involves better grasping and attentiveness on the part of the students too. What else? You can even involve them to help you out with the mapping thus enlivening the classroom atmosphere through co-operative learning.
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Who says only Bart can be interesting with his chalkboard, eh?