What I learned and unlearned in my BEd course

I will always be highly indebted to my College for having revealed a part in me which I never knew existed. Earlier, I would never consider education for an in depth reflection as it was secondary (however important) in my line of interests. Whatever views I held of it, were superficial and greatly related to the Austrian School of Thought. It was only here  that I realized how beautiful and comprehensive a subject this was and thus it started affecting my mindset more exuberantly than ever.

The whole course basically comprised of a lot of projects and lots of educational subjects like philosophy of education,  sociology of education, educational evaluation, educational management, psychology of the learner, psychology of learning, guidance and counseling and the methods of teaching that I had selected. I wasn’t too interested in the subjects when I had glanced upon the names as they seemed too dry and technical to me and hence got me a bit apprehensive about the course even though I had taken it out of interest. It was only when I opened the reference books that I was lost. It was an opening gambit of a different world entirely.

The best part here was not just the matter but the way the matter was taught. Gail Godwin once said , “Good teaching is one-fourth preparation and three-fourths theater.” The professors always complied with this quote as they were always so passionate about teaching. It was obvious from the efforts they made to teach us.Loads of ppts, application of different methods of teaching and learning like cooperative learning, role play, etc were inculcated in teaching. They were always eager to help us with our doubts and a few were active online too. We could always clear our doubts in Pushpanjali proboards if not on facebook.

Of course, I can’t forget the seminars, the practice teaching tasks, the community work, the research work and a few other minute tasks which all together made the whole course so strenuous but now when I look at it , I have to rack my brains to remember how the whole 365 days passed away. Everything happened so smoothly with a few minor glitches here and there. And when I left the college I was enlightened with a lot of knowledge and good habits. I feel my college truly stands for its mission.

A professor of mine who is also to be credited with the creation of Pushpanjali proboards has created a new website which can hugely help aspiring teachers and all those interested in education. You can view it here. Another interesting website created by her can be found here. It is because of her efforts that  NCERT has invited her to present a report on a small online learning experiment where the teachers and students had used wikieducator and proboards to learn.


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